Flirting with women – there are lots of different flirting styles, but being a successful and charming flirter is ultimately about learning to enjoy tension. In this video, I answer a viewer question on flirting.

“Notice the Know-it-All” asked Brian:

I hope you respond to this comment it’s going to be deep. I noticed your game is more masculine, standing there firm and letting the woman play her games while you remain unphased and unreactive. I noticed RSD Tyler’s game is now like this too in his later years. However, when he started out he played a lot of games used a lot of his own “back turns” and “push-pulls” I’ve been in the game now 6 months and I use lots of “false take aways” “hot and cold I love you I hate yous” and I create tension and escalate under the “sarcasm frame” to create plausible deniability… I never escalate in a real way… I’m always one minute the cocky asshole and one mine the romantic lover but always sarcastic… When I’m vulnerable I feel like girls instantly get comfortable too comfortable and then I get too comfortable and I get trapped in that comfort and all sexual tension dies… Is my game just going through it’s natural evolution phase?

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