If you’re in a funk, you’re likely experiencing apathy. (Depression and apathy can be very similar.) In this video, I give advice on getting out of your funk, why lack of passion occurs in a lot of us, and how to fix it.

Apathy is the feeling and related thoughts and emotions like:
-I can’t
-What’s the point?
-It’ll never work
-It’ll never work *for me*
-Who cares?
-I’m not good enough
-I’m doomed / it’s doomed
-Nothing’s gonna change / nothing’s gonna work
-I’m bored
-can’t win
-too tired
And the list goes on.

And it’s really protecting you from feeling other things you don’t want to feel or a white noise of feeling everything at once, like I talk about in the video.

Apathy is the lowest, heaviest emotion on the “AGFLAP CAP” emotional scale:

(Some have love as a separate emotion in the CAP region.)

As I discuss with the viewer asking the question, if you can start to change the “I can’t,” to “I won’t” – or another applicable statement that gives you more power and responsibility for whatever shade of apathy/thoughts and feelings characterize the funk you’re in – it can start to move you up the emotional scale and start to see and feel new possibilities and motivation.

A few of the other suggestions from the video:
-play in an area of your life you’re not in apathy
–physical activity you love (ie: dancing) …Movement can be great for waking up your body and emotions
–Do something (one student watched sad movies all weekend) that triggers grief, embrace it, and let it out. Usually there’s grief underneath the apathy that’s protecting you from feeling the grief. If you trigger those emotions, you can then start to deal with and process it and continue to move up the scale. Remember, grief means you’re actually in touch with your emotions; wheras apathy is really you numbing out emotions.
-Walking out on the beach or in the sunshine
-meditating (This is one of the most powerful ways to work on getting out of apathy.)

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