How do you develop yourself into a Third Stage Man? Before we go there lets first understand what it is to be a Third Stage Man.

According to teacher and author David Deida there are 3 stages of masculine development:

1st stage – The Bad Boy who’s beingness is all about control, and it’s my way or the highway attitude. These men are attractive to women because they do what they want.
2nd stage – This stage is the quintessential nice guy, codependent stage and they do things where a man is trying to figure out how to make a woman happy. Men in this stage will do things hoping to get something in return. The are afraid to rock the boat.
3rd stage – In this stage a man is the best of both world of the Nice Guy and the bad boy. This is a man who’s not afraid of going into his feelings and emotions and staying solid and grounded.

Once you go through these 3 stages you’ll find you don’t need to manipulate, coerce or control anyone.

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