In this video I wanted to address 2 sticking points that I see many men struggle with and they are hindering your growth.

The first is a low self esteem and in the video I take you through an exercise on how to release on low self esteem so that you can start building up confidence. And the 2nd sticking point that I see is being in your head.

Most people when faced with uncertainty, problem or challenge their default is to think more about the problem.

But the more you try to analyze and think your way out of your problem the more you make it even worse(and yes there are exceptions of people making breakthroughs).

I want to challenge to try something different, instead of analyzing your problem to death, learn how to surrender, learn to let go right away. Letting go is one of the best ways to get into flow, to relax, to have fun, to get out of your head. Letting go of a problem will allow you connect to people in front of you.

Letting go will allow you to get into a feeling state while processing your emotions.

When it comes to self-esteem, the problem is all the negative emotions you have stored in your body. All the doubt, worry, fear, doubt, grief, apathy
get in your way of being confident and fully express your natural beingness.

So when it comes to women what were the messages that you got and how are these affecting your self esteem in a positive way or negative way?
Bring awareness to what comes up when you think about women, be aware of the stories, beliefs, sensations and emotions that come up? Do you feel a pull towards women or is there a sense of pushing away?

Letting Go is the process to surrender and release all the stories, beliefs and negative emotions(you can also let go one good emotions).

By releasing on emotions that are binding your nervous system – then you open yourself up, you free yourself of stories, beliefs and emotions that are keeping your bound up in anxiety and fear.

Leave me a comment below and any questions you have.

Image by Laurie-Anne Robert


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