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Eric Von Sydow is better known as “Hypnotica” from the bestselling pickup artist (PUA) novel, “The Game,” by Neil Strauss, but Sydow doesn’t identify as a PUA – He’s known as the “Inner Game Guru” because he’s a world-class expert at helping men become confident from the inside out.

In this episode of Becoming FEARLESS, Sydow gives us a very intimate look inside one of his San Diego homes, his life, his personal development and explorations, and his philosophies and teachings.

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The author of “Metawhore” has constantly gone against the grain in his life and his teachings – breaking free from social barriers and shame. One aspect: Sydow lives a polysexual lifestyle – living with two women in two houses across the street from each other. (Though he’s now converting one house to be used primarily for bootcamps.) He drives a Prius, doesn’t eat meat and emphasizes nutrition above all else…and he also owns a strip club. And Sydow still isn’t above side gigs like driving party busses if it serves his goals and vision.

Must watch segments:
-(6:51) Hypnotica’s poetic inspirations:
“…Da Vinci’s another, along with Einstein,
HG Wells traveled through time…”
-(8:38) Breaking the mold
-(11:40) Successful people are excited by uncertainty
-(15:30, 1:02:45) Eating “clean” & high levels of living, development
-(20:08) Confidence, stress, and “the curse of the middle class”
-(21:43) Running a strip club: Striving to be uncomfortable, pushing your comfort zone
-(27:10) Going against the grain – social experiments; not conforming
-(35:40, 39:55, 43:15, 45:54, 52:57) Polysexual life & love
-(56:29) “People spend more time watching crap TV than designing their life”

Also check out:
-(2:15) Hypnotica’s home & creating your reality
-(4:05) How Hypnotica broke free from “the box”
-(5:51) The linebacker singing for the high school choir
-(10:05) Brian & Hypnotica’s experiences in a crazy Yoga commune
-(13:00) Hypnotica’s live/raw diet
-(24:47) Using distractions & crutches vs building true confidence
-(25:24) You’re entitled to your own universe
-(29:35) “Thunder Guru”-not your mother’s spirituality
-(31:54) “Rolling the Dice” – group social exercise
-(33:57) Alternate lifestyles & the impact of porn
-(38:04) Hypnotica’s life philosophy
-(41:46) Getting started in polysexual lifestyles & relationships
-(44:45) “I don’t need to have sex” & PUAs (pickup artists)
-(46:30) “You gotta be prepared to take the sting” – Being Poly
-(52:10) Hypnotica’s ideal world
-(54:45) “My Mental Self” – Hypnotica’s vision journal
-(59:50) ”This is my garden” – Hypnotica’s state of development
-(1:05:35) Getting coached by Hypnotica
-(1:08:25) Piracy & the one goal that Hypnotica has yet to achieve…kind of
-(1:14:40) Importance of strip clubs for men

-Hypnotica’s YouTube channel
“Metawhore” – Hypnotica’s book 
-“Collection of Confidence” digital download program
Hypnotica on facebook
@hypnotica144 on twitter
-“Econoclasts: The Rebels Who Sparked the Supply-Side Revolution and Restored American Prosperity” book Hypnotica mentioned

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