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If She Says She Has A Boyfriend, Is it a Test? | Fearless Q&A

If She Says She Has A Boyfriend, Is it a Test? | Fearless Q&A

When a woman says she has a boyfriend, is it just a test? I answer a viewer question on the common issue of women telling men they have boyfriends – often it’s a defense mechanism, or yes, just a test.

“I have a boyfriend,” is a very common line that comes up a lot..for a lot of different reasons. Women will say they have a boyfriend when:
-You’re being direct with them, but they’re not sure about you yet
-If they don’t like you
-When they actually have a boyfriend!

And yes, sometimes it is a – conscious or subconscious – test to see how you handle hearing that.

The real key – just like I teach when you’re saying something to a woman – is to pay attention to how she’s being. How she says it. Her energy and connection with you.

Is she being cold/clearly shutting you down when she says it? When you get this vibe from a girl who says the boyfriend line, she could either really have a boyfriend or just be saying it to gently reject you, but either way that’s usually a good sign you should move on.

There’s MORE THAN plenty of sexy, awesome fish in the sea.

But if she’s not pulling away from you, it could mean something else entirely. If she still seems warm, flirty, or is leaning in to you when she says it, she could also be telling you that she has a boyfriend but is in an open relationship and just wants you to know she’s not “single.” I talk about this and an open relationship story from my life in the video.

It could also be that the relationship is NOT open, but that she’s still open to you anyway. In this case, it’s up to you and your morals…and what you might be getting yourself into re: whether you’re open to sleeping with someone who’d be cheating. (It’s not really my thing, and I’m not going to recommend it.)

Or maybe you asked her out too quickly or were too aggressive too quickly and she’s saying that to slow you down as she gets to know you and decide if she likes and trusts you. I talk about this scenario and managing it in the video, too.

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