Brian answers questions from YouTube viewers about how to stop pushing women away and more in a FEARLESS Q&A.

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    First, I find your videos very useful in allowing men to get in touch with there inner self and flush out all man made limitations. Thanks for that.

    My only comment and that applies to most of the dating/men advise around… is the focus is on how to attract and speak with women, with very little focus on the afterwards. which is my problem area.

    so, I’m naturally confident around women and have no problem in creating and dealing with tension, again naturally out of my attraction to women.

    The problem comes after a couple of dates, they tend to loose interest. in a nutshell women get attracted to me but loose interest. why do you think that may be?

    to be honest sometimes my mind wonder about the relation cause I don’t want to hurt her or get hurt. I’m kind of slow in opening up to people. is there is a way to keep a woman interested for a longer period until we are comfortable and on same page on expectations.

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