how to master the flow of tension in your life
How to Master The Flow Of Tension In Your Life (Fear of Failure)
August 3, 2017
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The Subtle Signs of Attraction and Becoming A Man of Value W/ Matt Artisan | Becoming Fearless
August 14, 2017

Stop Chasing and Seeking Validation From Women, Do This Instead…

Chasing Validation vs. Finding Your True self

I recently caught up with Jameson, a former Fearless client that after working with him for 3 months really changed his reality with women. We had to take everything he new about connection with women and start from scratch and build him up again.

He since then gone on to apply a lot of the principles and advancing the principles and working on himself to really change his life at an emotional level, happiness his financial level and even more so on the way he relates to women.

He’s gone through his journey from beginning to end where he started with no women then getting having women around him. And really loving the validation of women to the point where you don’t even need the validation anymore, you just love yourself and that’s what the ultimate goal is about.

So this episode of Becoming Fearless we’re going to be talking about that journey and what it looks like.

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