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July 19, 2017
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Use This Simple Releasing Exercise To Improve Your Dating Life | Inside FEARLESS

Use This Simple Releasing Exercise To Improve Your Dating Life

“Letting Go is a simple method to reach great clarity and transcend your problems. The way is not by finding the answers but by undoing the basis of the problem. The state reached by the great masters is available, the solutions are within us and easy to find.”
~Dr David Hawkins
This video was recorded during a week long releasing and meditation workshop where I teach men to use releasing and letting go techniques to move their lives forward as men. If you are like most men there are things you want in life but you can’t seem to get to them.

Releasing and Letting Go principles can be used to help you grow as a man, to be come more confident in your life not just with women but in every area of you life including money, career, health and also becoming a better father.

This I lead students through a short releasing technique that you can use to let go of any emotions you have towards women, whether its anger or fear.

Any emotion is possible to release or let go using these principles.

In a few short works here is how Dr. Hawkins, author of Letting Go explains the releasing process

  • Step #1 – Become aware of a feeling. Let it come up, stay with it and let it run its course
  • Step #2: Give up judging it,  feel it without wanting to change it, resist it, vent it, fear it,
    condemn it or try to make sense of it, or try make it different or do anything about it.

If you are want to learn more check the book Letting Go and Sedona method are just a few of resources that teach these principles.

If you have a question please let me ask me here –

Please share any comments about what you liked best or what you would like to learn more about releasing and letting go processes.


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  1. Gus Theodoropoulos says:

    Brian this is great! This is what I need more of – learning how to let go of my fear of women and their reactions – good or bad – and how to make better choices about approaching and speaking my truth to them regardless of how they take it. I’ll be at the upcoming Vegas event in early August and I’m hoping you can go deeper into these release techniques at that event. Great stufff! Will see you soon in Vegas!

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