This weeks’ question is on the philosophy that wanting = lack and how can you move past wanting so that it doesn’t stop you from having.

Hi Brian. I’ve been working with the Sedona Method this past few months. I feel so much lighter now. There’s something in Sedona that I’m not getting though. It’s something you’ve repeated a number of times as well.

Why does wanting stop you from having? I understand that wanting implies that you don’t have it right now, but why is that a problem for getting it in the future?

If I want dinner, I lack dinner. But then I go and get dinner. What’s the problem? On the contrary, law of polarity says that if I can see what I want clear in my head, it means there’s a way to get it, right?

In my life, I wanted many things, but then I worked for them and finally got them. So what’s behind


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