"...I love this because they get to the root cause of why I've been having frustrations in my life...why I've been avoiding things and going for things I want to do"


Since I started Fearless, my life now is 360 compared to what it was. Now I can date women and be vulnerable and masculine and not be afraid to get sexual, & I learned how to create my new reality. I am still learning to let go of what I really want, & now I am working on fulfilling my dream by becoming a TV Chef Personality, something I never though would have happened.

~ Eddie

Before Fearless I thought life was just about what is handed to you and you just have to suck it up. After, I took a few courses, I realized you make life how, you want it to be. I realized all of the repressed memories create emotions that don't define you. I learned to let go, and now I have the job of my dreams and a beautiful woman by my side.

~ Sean S.

In the short time I've worked with Fearless I've grown more than I did in previous years of reading books, going to therapy, and paying for expensive antidepressants. For the first time I feel like I'm in control of my future and the quality of my day to day experience is in my own hands.

~Robert C

The most incredible gift I've gotten from doing Fearless work is the complete reversal of a physical handicap. The second most was increasing my income by 700% and starting my own business.


Sometimes men think that it's all about us [women], if something doesn't work it's all about us , they think women are always perfect and it's not like that, the guys who came to the event knew that and came to change something about themselves.


Before Fearless, I was a mess. I was so numbed out to everything that I couldn’t understand why people got emotional at times. More so, I was afraid of emotions themselves. And when it came to women, I was always getting rejected no matter what pick-up line I tried out.

After Fearless, my life has changed in ways I couldn’t possibly have imagined. I can feel emotions and the energy flowing through my body. I’ve become aware of my values and what motivates me. Best of all, I frequently amaze myself with the positive responses I get women, even when all I do is say “ hi”

~ Nick B

I don’t know where to begin, Fearless has an still is changing my life. It’s hanged the way I view the world because it’s changed the way I view myself. Getting good with women, that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this stuff. But what I Love a lot about the program is that its’s just that, it’s a brotherhood. And I couldn’t be more proud and happy to be a part of it.

~ Matthew

After many years of studying from the “pick-up” community, I reached a point of frustration that I still did not have any results. I felt like I would die alone, and had lost hope.

Upon taking a Fearless Course, Brian and Dave brought up 3 key things that I had not been exposed to. The first was being grounded. It doesn’t matter what you say, it wound have any effect if you’re not grounded. Second was tension, I was always one to play it safe. Without tension, attraction wont happen. And last, was releasing. I had lots of heavy negative energy that I was keeping me down. That comes across in any interaction, so its important to release that negativity.

~ Alfredo

I have a life that is no longer pushed by fear. I'm pulled by curiosity, dreams and desires. Fearless has given me a new mindset that is filled with adventure and excitement. As of today, I run two companies( one of which manages and grows 3.1 million Instagram followers), I teach at a university, and still have my 9-5 day job where I kick ass and inspire co-workers to step up their game.

~ Matt

Fearless has helped me to get out of my head & feel more. This has allowed me to be able to make better life choices, step out of my comfort zone, take more more risks and claim my place in the the universe. I still have much to do & learn. Grounding has become such a blessing in my life. After 2 years with Fearless I am really feeling & noticing how much happier, confident & confident peaceful I am. Stay Fearless.

~ Manny T.

Since starting Fearless, I've found my confidence with speaking to people. I've joined a friend and started a business and we are projected to make close to a $1.0 million.

~ Phillip

Fearless helped me to see how much we're communicating without words, and how I was conveying insecurities, doubt and anger to women at a subtle level without realizing it.

After doing work with fearless, friends tell me I seem much more grounded, confident, and that I listen better and women respond better to me, while I worry less about what I say to them.

~ Zach